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Pay in up to 3 instalments using Lay-Buy. ALWAYS INTEREST-FREE!


Learn more about the process below.


Q: Is it safe & secure?

A: All LAY-BUY payments are automatically setup in PayPal’s secure environment.

Q: Are there any ongoing costs?

A: No ongoing costs – only a once-off admin fee, payable to Lay-Buys. The amount depends on order value.

Q: Are there any interest charges?

A: No interest charges ever

Q: Are there any late fees?

A: No late fees ever

Q: Is it flexible?

A: Yes, customer can payout balance at any time and take an earlier delivery. Customer needs to simply contact the seller. Customer will then receive an email from merchant with an embedded payment link for their payment of balance in PayPal – and an earlier delivery.

Q: When do I receive the goods?

A: Customer receives their goods after their final payment

Q: How are Lay-Buy instalment payments paid?

A: Lay-Buy instalment payments are auto-paid from their linked card in their PayPal setup.



Do you have more questions about Lay-Buy? Please check here or contact us on info@zozocouture.com and we will answer all of your questions.

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